• Our Mission

    We are dedicated to nurturing the curiosity, creativity and motivation to learn that exists in every child and adult

  • Fostering a shared educational community
    Collaborative education involving children, parents & teachers
  • Preparing kids for success in learning

    Students learn without fear of failure

About Tiller School

Tiller is a free public charter school dedicated to equality of education and employment. Tiller School does not charge tuition or have an admission fee. A program that emphasizes a low student average teacher ratio of 16:1 limits enrollment. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Students are selected through a lottery. The deadline for lottery applications is the first Monday in February. If the child is not selected during the lottery, his/her name is put on a waiting list. A Board of Directors oversees policy, procedures and the governing of school affairs.

Tiller School is a shared educational community. Our goal is for children, parents and teachers to become collaborative owners of a school in which we all feel involved, at home, and have appropriate control. Through modeling and teaching social responsibility, we strive to provide a family atmosphere that is “safe;” safe to make mistakes, safe to try out new ideas, and safe for disagreement with one another.

Tiller School provides class environments where risk taking is encouraged and students learn without fear of failure, and where dignity, self-discipline and responsibility are valued. This environment is conducive to providing optimal learning conditions for children. Children at Tiller have a strong belief in themselves as learners due to their success.

Tiller School follows the North Carolina Standard Course of Study in mathematics, language arts, technology and science, and participates in the North Carolina End of Grade testing program. The social studies instruction centers around the concepts of a global community through the ED Hirsch program. There is a strong emphasis on the arts, not only as they are integrated into the daily learning in the classrooms, but students also attend formal classes each week in these areas.

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