Local school’s proficiency scores are among highest in the state

November 18, 2013

tiller.-4105Recently student proficiency test scores were released across the state. Tiller Elementary in Beaufort scored near 73% proficiency, a score that was so comparatively high that the state called Tiller to ensure the scores were accurate.


State scores averaged around 45%, which means roughly 45% of the students tested scored proficient. This is a drop from previous years. Even top-scoring Tiller experienced a drop compared to previous years. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction credited the drop in comprehension to a new curriculum.

North Carolina is one of 45 states that have adopted the Common Core Standards for curriculum in the subjects of Math and English/Language Arts. Tiller Elementary Principal Virginia Jones says the new curriculum is more ‘hands-on’ which is something Tiller already excels at.

Jones credits Tiller’s success to smaller class sizes and a great team effort between teachers, staff, kids and parents.  She says any school can gear towards success with parent involvement, and extra help from the community.

“Support your child’s teacher, wherever you may be. It’s really important that parents work with the teachers to make it happen. Help with homework, studying for tests, or just speaking with them and seeing what they can do to help their child’s education is probably number one.” says Jones.

Jones says she expects it to take six years for the new curriculum to fully blossom. At that time kindergartners would then be in fifth grade after six full years of learning under the new plan.

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