Welcome to Tiller School

December 12, 2013


Tiller School is a K-5 grade public school of choice. We are TUITION FREE, NC PUBLIC charter school. Tiller School is located off Highway 70 East in lovely Beaufort, NC.

Tiller School has achieved excellence in so many ways over the past 20 years. We have reached maximum capacity and have 30 teachers/staff members that work hard to continue the tradition of social and academic excellence. We are dedicated to continue with our successes for the future of our children and their education.

While we believe core subjects are important, we offer many specials to develop well-rounded students. Our goals at Tiller School are to educate and develop life-long learners by helping students enjoy education, teaching students the way each individual learns. We focus on the arts and offer both an after school program and after school enrichment clubs.

Our school community has an active volunteer group, PTSO (Parent, Teacher, Student Organization). Our children love the fact that their family members are a part of our school. Volunteers enable us to maintain relationships that strengthen our students and our school community.

Tiller School is dedicated to fostering curiosity, creativity and confidence through an innovative academic and social curriculum. Tiller School is a compassionate community that engages in rigorous academics, intellectual and aesthetic exploration and social responsibility. We at Tiller School would love the opportunity to share the Tiller experience with your child!

We encourage everyone to explore our website and apply at www.tillerschool.org for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of our team today!


Virginia Jones

Executive Director

Tiller School